#074 - The No.1 Fundamental Truth About Growing Your Business That Will Never Change

The no.1 fundamental truth about growing your business is, has always been, and will always be, RELATIONSHIP BUILDING.

We know that if we want people to invest in working with us we have to earn their trust. The problem is, there's a ton of crap online that actively encourages us to do that in a disingenuous, manipulative way.

Fake urgency. False promises. Exaggerated results. 

Building real trust requires honesty, transparency, and patience (a much-underrated virtue). Genuine, well-nurtured relationships, over time, lead to loyal customers. Yep, over time. 

We've all been on the receiving end of aggressive sales pitches, right? But here's the unvarnished truth—people make purchases when they're ready.

By maintaining a steady and supportive presence, providing value, and offering help when needed, you can become your ideal client's first choice when they decide it's time to buy.

Building strong (profitable) relationships in business requires time, the right approach, and a dollop of dedication.

It's the one thing I never, ever take my eye off, and it's served me damned well up to now!

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