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Grow Your Business, Your Way...


It’s time to cut through the noise and cultivate the self-belief, courage and resilience it takes to design and grow a business that exceeds every expectation… 


Goal Get It...

Building a successful, sustainable and profitable business starts with having crystal clarity around what you're aiming to achieve.  Download this workbook for 12 months of goal setting & action planning, to keep you accountable as you build a business in service of your wildest lifestyle, income, and reputation goals.

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Do What You Love & Do It Your Way...


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Building your dream business begins the moment you choose yourself for success. Doing what you love, with clients you adore makes for an AMAZING life.  Time to make it happen.

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The perfectly balanced trilogy of the right clients, the right products & services   and the right pricing. We'll explore all the options together and figure out what's right for YOU.



When it comes to your marketing, we'll craft the pitch perfect, 'are you inside my head?!' messaging that makes your products & services utterly irresistable to your ideal clients.

Finding Freedom


Let's do this together.  Breathe deeply. Push aside the imposter syndrome. Your future clients need you, and YOU need a business that will give you the freedom to work from wherever, whenever and with whoever you choose. It's time to get serious. Together, via intensive 1:1 business coaching, we can grow your business in line with your vision.


Here's what some of my incredible clients have said about me...


"As her business coaching client, I've witnessed Gill's brilliance as innovative ideas seemingly effortlessly pop into her mind in a flash. She’s a unique blend of head and heart. Warm yet direct. Entertaining yet focused. Quick-witted yet intentional. A brilliant writer and an attentive listener. Insightful and experienced.

Gill is an out-of-the-box thinker and creator. Rather than relying on generic strategies, Gill’s genius is devising solutions based on each client’s unique gifts, goals, and passions."

Nancy Paul, Founder, The Institute for Financial Literacy in College Planning

Lauren Jones headshot

"Gill has changed my life... she's my cheerleader, driver and accountability partner all rolled into one. She’s pushed me, talked me off the ledge (several times), listened, helped and supported me so much this year. 
Most importantly she’s helped me get clear with a plan for what my business WILL do next year and has kept me on that plan. 

Beyond that, she’s a genuinely wonderful human being that is a delight to work with. No BS. No excuses. No dramas. Just solid work and ideas."

Lauren Jones, Founder and Director at Box Creative Ltd

Miranda Webb-Hagemeister headshot

"Gill's method of coaching and business development is like nothing I have ever experienced before. She gets right to the heart of what matters most and her higher level of expertise and teaching is brilliant. Gill's support and direction have been instrumental in leading me towards my vision for my life and business with clarity, confidence and velocity. After working with Gill consistently, I have gone through an incredible positive transformation and operate on a completely different level. Gill's genuine nature, compassion, higher insights, intuition, and business instincts elevated my ability to create the framework for my business to thrive. Gill has a rare gift and I highly recommend working with her to maintain clarity and focus so you can accomplish the personal, professional, and financial results you desire with more ease."

Miranda Webb-Hagemeister, Founder of Tarragon Strategy

Let's do this...

Just to be clear, I'm not offering you a discovery call, or a sales call or a pitch - I AM offering you the opportunity to experience a full 60 minutes of next-level, 1 to 1 business coaching / consulting on whatever topic you feel would benefit YOU the most right now.