The What If Workshops


Keeping women from playing small... 


The What If Workshops

Keeping women from playing small...


 Stop being realistic...


Being bound by a framework of what you think is realistic / achievable / 'doable' will stop you from ever having the 'full fat' business you dream of. The business that allows you to work from wherever, whenever and with whoever you choose, doing what you love.

Believe me, building ANY business is hard - please ignore the jokers who try to tell you 'it should feel easy, and if it doesn't you're doing it wrong'. So if it's going to be hard anyway, why NOT bring your biggest vision to life.

You can do hard.


Listen, I KNOW you're keeping a secret. 

A secret you barely even share with yourself, let alone anyone else.

A secret you almost feel too embarrassed to put into words.

It's the vision of what you REALLY want to do with the rest of your life.

Yeah, just that little, insignificant thing... your LIFE.

Whether you started a  'lite' version of the business you really want, or you started entirely the wrong business... there's one thing you know for sure.. 

You want more.

Or less.

Hell, you want different.

You want to stop doing the stuff that doesn't bring you joy.

You're ready to clear a path for your wildest vision to thrive. 

You're committed to finally being who you are and doing what you love... for life. 

Introducing the What If Workshops...


Half-day online workshops where we unravel, explore and begin to co-create the rewilded vision you've been too scared to share until now.

Maybe the thought of pivotting to, or launching a new, profitable venture, doing what you love feels like a magic carpet ride away right now - if so, this workshop is for YOU.

You'll gain clarity and confidence around what you REALLY want to achieve, with people you trust and respect - who  trust and respect you right back.

No matter how untamed your vision, let’s cultivate it >>>


The Autumn Workshops 


 23rd September 2022

2-5pm GMT (9am-12pm EST)



 28th October 2022

2-5pm GMT (9am-12pm EST)



18th November 2022

2-5pm BST (9am-12pm EST)


Cultivate Ideas  & Celebrate Sovereignty


If you’re sick of wandering in a digital jungle of empty sound-the-sames, and are ready to get fearlessly creative, then you're going to bloody LOVE this...


What If workshops deliver:

* Mindset coaching and savvy business building advice from me, Gill Moakes. I'm an ICF certified coach who works with change-making entrepreneurs around the world, helping them bring their wildest visions to life

* 3 hours with likeminded women who want to share their big ideas, while helping you refine yours

* Valuable feedback, validation and expansion around your idea(s)

 * Most importantly, by the end of the workshop you'll have committed to 3 actions you'll take to move forward (oh, and we keep you accountable after the workshop too)


Eligibility Requirements:

* A wild vision

* An open mind

* The courage to think differently

* A commitment to privacy, tolerance, generosity, & patience 


Let’s co-create the full-fat version of my everything. I'm in!

Join us for just


  • 3 hour virtual workshop via Zoom
  • Maximum 10 attendees
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Strategic Business Advice
  • Workshop Workbook
  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • Courage
Yep! I'm in...


What if...

this workshop changes everything.


When you're outstanding at what you do, there's NO LIMIT to what you can achieve.

It's time to stop beavering away at the 'lite' version of your dream business - let's go FULL FAT.