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rewild your inbox Sep 29, 2022
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This is a beautiful article on Medium, by the incredible Alicia Rodriguez, called The Cost of Losing Awe and Wonder.

This is a short, but captivating glimpse at Alicia's gift for storytelling.


The Recognized Authority is the podcast hosted by my fellow podcaster, and friend, Alastair McDermott. Alastair's all about guiding 'Invisible Experts on the journey to becoming a Recognized Authority' in their field.

In this episode: 'How To Create Binge Worthy Content With Tracy Hazzard'  he and Tracy discuss what makes some content bingeworthy and other content not, why some creators' approach is far more effective than others and why podcasts are particularly bingeable.

This podcast is definitely one to subscribe to, and this week I'll be checking out Tracy's podcast The Binge Factor, too.


Remember I said at the start of this email that this time of year is when I feel my most creative?

Well, I've had an idea I want to run by you.

Not everyone has the budget / bandwidth to hire a business coach, but everyone DOES need a safe, conducive space to explore big ideas and solve big dilemmas.

What if that space existed?

Introducing (drumroll please...), the What If Workshops.

Idea generation sessions where we get to crowdsource creativity, clarity & confidence. (except it wont be a crowd it will be a maximum of 10 likeminded entrepreneurs on-the-grow... I just wanted to use 'crowdsource' because it sounded cool and I had lots of 'c' words to fit in).

Nothing more for you at this stage - just floating the idea - so if you'd hit reply with either a 'great idea' or a 'rubbish idea' I'd be most grateful.