Self-Worth & Unlimited Potential: The Myth of the Realistic

inspiration mindset Mar 18, 2024
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Have you ever caught yourself pulling the reins on a big dream, thinking it's just not "realistic" for someone like you? It's a really common trap, and it boils down to how we see our own value. That's right, our self-worth isn't just about feeling good; it directly impacts how high or low we aim in life. But here's the game-changer: it's not really about raising the bar;  it's about realising there is no bar.

Think about the iconic scene from The Matrix, where Neo meets the child who’s bending spoons with his mind. The child tells him that the key to this seemingly impossible feat is a shift in perception: "'ll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself." This moment isn’t just cinematic gold - it's a metaphor for the barriers we build around our potential. Neo's initial inability to bend the spoon mirrors our own struggles with self-imposed limitations. It's the bar we set at the height dictated by the lens through which we've been taught to view what we’re capable of.  

Letting go

Letting go of these fixed ideas of what's possible opens up a whole new world. Suddenly, we're not just trying to reach a higher level; we're recognising that the whole concept of levels is flawed. Our self-worth determines not just how high we set the bar for ourselves but also our ability to see that the very concept of a bar is an illusion.

In business, when we truly embrace the idea that there's no bar, everything shifts. We start to align more closely with what we really want, free from external pressures or distorted views of what we "should" want, or what's "realistic". This clarity makes decision-making and risk-taking feel less like a gamble and more like a natural step forward. Bloody hell, it's liberating!

This approach to life and success—defining it on our own terms—is incredibly empowering. It prompts us to question: How much of what we accept about our lives and businesses is shaped by self-imposed limits? What could we achieve if we ditched the notion of the bar entirely?

The truth is, we set our own ceilings. While life throws curveballs, no external force can truly limit our potential unless we allow it. Our beliefs about our worth and capabilities mark the boundaries of our success.

There is no spoon, no bar, no ceiling

So, as we navigate the complexities of our lives and our businesses, let's hold onto the lesson that the limits we face are often of our own making. There is no spoon, no bar, no ceiling—except for those we construct ourselves. By challenging these beliefs, we not only unlock our true potential but also embark on a journey that's limitless, driven by our deepest desires and wildest vision.

Here's to choosing ourselves for success, in a world where the possibilities are endless.


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