#004 - The Power of Positioning with Rebecca Gunter

I'm SO excited to be joined by the incredible Rebecca Gunter on this week's episode of the Heads Together podcast.

Rebecca is my business bestie... my biggest cheerleader, my shoulder to cry on, my messaging guru and my dear, dear friend.

The day I began working with Rebecca on my brand positioning was the day everything changed for me... now I'm sharing her with you (you can thank me later 😉)

Your positioning statement is a single sentence that answers these questions:

Who are your people?
What do they need?
Who are you?
What do you deliver?
Why are you The One?

This episode gets across the importance of nailing your positioning - here's the link to grab your positioning statement template:

You might also like to check out Rebecca's blog post on all things positioning here:

 More about my guest:

Rebecca Gunter is your port in the storm in communication chaos and marketing mayhem. Her branding prowess and business savvy pairs endless creativity with good old-fashioned know-how. She helps you get crystal clear about your motivation and message, positioning you for audience engagement that’s ready for action. Rebecca is a culture maven, brand developer, marketing consultant, and copywriter living and working in the US. She works with entrepreneurs and enterprise organizations, helping folks navigate the marketing arena and build beautiful brands. She shares survival stories and seasoned advice at