#022 - No Cashflow, No Business with Yinka Ewuola

I'm joined this week by the 'force to be reckoned with' that is Yinka Ewuola. Yinka brings us an extra strong dose of real talk this week around the implications of NOT managing cashflow within your business.

Yinka is the Founder and Managing Director of Calla Success Systems and the creator of the FAB & FEARless Imprint. A Multi-Award-Winning Business owner,

She’s focused on changing the narrative of disadvantage around the paradigm of women building businesses, and with her passion for a holistic approach to improvement and success, Yinka works with women to focus on systems and leverage to ensure that the habits, environments, and processes in their lives and businesses support their deepest hopes and wildest dreams and enable them to define success on their own terms and build exciting inspiring journeys to get there.

She’s a real champion and supporter for women doing their thang. You'll LOVE her!


Linkedin: - best place to find Yinka on socials




And I just released my TEDx Talk called 'Power, Lies and the Truth about Love'