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#025 - Is it Time to ReWild Your Business?

Running a business has become toxically complex. There are too many moving parts. Too much fakeness. The human aspect of business seems to get attended to last.

Just look at the dance with insanity that social media has become. When I stop and think about the contrived, carbon copy pointy finger reels, the more amusing / tragic it seems to me.

What if we stopped doing ALL the things.

What if we worked on conserving relationship building, being genuinely expert at 'our thing', delivering to our clients on what really matters to THEM - not confined by what our funnel automations are restricted to.

What if we worked to restore faith in ethical, quality services over cheap, fast offers?

What if we exercised more discernment over what we consume. Do you realise how badly our creativity is restricted by over consumption of toxic media?

Here's what rewilding business means to me...

It means refusing to blindly buy into the way others 'do' business.

It means carving out your own way by tuning back into your intuition and trusting it.

It means reclaiming your wildest goals... the full-fat version of your dream business.

It means simplifying your business model so you can see the forest, not just the trees.

It means growing your business in a way that FEELS right to you.

It means being who you are and doing what you love. For life.