#050 - Capturing The Dazzling Truth Of Who You Are With Tamzin Merivale

This week I'm joined on the Heads Together podcast by the captivating Tamzin Merivale.

Tamzin is an artist and writer who has always been inspired by the women in her world. Women whose energy and inspirational natures light up a room, yet still, they can't see that for themselves.

She offers portraits to women that are a visual representation of their true essence and of their story. She shows them their magic and their presence. It is a portrait not of the person they show the world, but of the much more dazzling truth of who they are.

Tamzin also has a Substack newsletter called 'Resurface'. Her reflections give readers tools to gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of themselves and to live with a sense of freedom.

Some topics that were discussed include:

  1. How refreshing Substack is as a platform for empathic women who hate the craziness of social media

  2. The magic of teasing a woman's story from her and giving her the words to share that story with the world

  3. How to plug the energy drains in your life.

  4. How learning to receive is the life-changing key to embracing your own magic.

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