#056 - When you’re unapologetically you, no one is your competition. Introducing Unapologetic Retreats...

This week on the Heads Together podcast, I'm exploring the full power of authenticity.

It can be tough to stop seeking external validation, but when you fully (and unapologetically) embrace your own style, voice, and way, you allow yourself to stand out from the crowd. It's implicit. No one else can do you as well as you do you.

The key is to own every implication of your authenticity. The wonderful positive feedback AND the negative stuff that you don't see coming. It takes courage. It can feel vulnerable. But hell is it worth it.

Being unapologetically and authentically you brings a feeling of liberation like nothing else can. Releasing yourself from trying to emulate others, or shoe-horning your thoughts into someone else's idea, brings an incredible sense of freedom and relief.

You don't need everyone to be your client, you need the RIGHT people. The people for whom the unapologetically authentic you, gets the best results.

Introducing Unapologetic Retreats...

In the Algarve of Portugal, from 21-29 October, I'm co-hosting a retreat for unapologetic women who are ready for their 'what's next'. My cohosts are Alicia M Rodriguez , the most transformational mindset coach, and Lauren Jones, founder of Box Creative and a brand strategy & design genius.

On 18th April at 7pm UK (2pm EST) we're inviting you to join us for an intimate conversation about what happens when Mind, Brand & Business experts come together to take your business to the next level...

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