#058 - An Unapologetic Mindset with Alicia Rodriguez

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This week I'm joined by one of my Unapologetic Retreats co-hosts, Alicia M Rodriguez to talk about cultivating an unapologetic mindset when it comes to building the life and business you truly want.

Alicia is a writer, storyteller, and catalyst for personal growth. She's the author of two books and will publish her memoir, The Shaman's Wife, in 2024.

She's an utterly transformational mindset coach who walks the walk. Alicia has intentionally curated every aspect of her own life and business and is done with apologizing for 'wanting what I want, the way I want it'.

In the episode, we talk in-depth about how she helps women find the courage to see the unknown as a place of opportunity rather than fear.

Real success comes when you unapologetically embrace radical authenticity and cultivate the courage to do things your way.

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Alicia was my guest on episode #053 of the show: Becoming Limitless with Alicia M Rodriguez

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About Alicia:

Alicia M. Rodriguez is a Latina writer and published author who has lived in six countries and traveled extensively. She is gifted with the sensitivity to explore themes of culture, spirituality, storytelling, and magic that can be attributed to her Colombian roots and love of Latin American literature.

Her two books, Everyday Epiphanies and Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You, are as inspirational as they are practical, helping readers lead lives in alignment with what matters most. She has written for numerous online publications including Thrive Global, Tiny Buddha, and Medium.

As an executive coach, she has more than twenty years assisting thousands of people around the globe to connect to their hearts, spirit, and intelligence enabling them to forge powerful futures.

Her belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience led her from corporate boardrooms to the rainforests, mountains, and coast of Ecuador where she spent eight years with an Ecuadorian shaman. She is currently writing a memoir of her experience entitled The Shaman's Wife to be published in 2024.

She now lives in the Algarve of Portugal where her long morning cliff walks with her dog Sophie contribute to her creativity and happiness.