#059 - The Goal Of Your Marketing Is NOT To Prove How Good You Are At Marketing

In this week's episode of The Heads Together podcast, I'm talking about the true purpose of marketing, and how, when you understand what that is, your results will be transformed.

It seems to me that there's a growing disconnect between marketing strategy and the 3 things any strategy needs to deliver to be successful:

  1. Value for your audience

  2. Emotional connection with your ideal clients

  3. Authentic alignment with your brand values

The truth is, it really doesn't matter how skillful you are in implementing marketing tools, using social media, growing your email list etc etc.

If you don't authentically provide value and establish an emotional connection with your ideal clients, then it means nothing.

In the episode I share some findings from my friend, Chat GPT4 who I asked to research me a couple of case studies that illustrated a failed marketing campaign & a successful one. The examples they gave me were perfect!

If you've spent hours mastering marketing tactics & techniques but are frustrated with the results you're seeing, this episode is for you...


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