#062 - Stop Doing These Things TODAY And Watch Your Coaching Business Grow

If you're a talented coach whose bank balance doesn't reflect their worth then this dose of tough love is for you.

Maybe you've consumed so much conflicting advice from multiple marketing 'guru's that you've completely lost the plot when it comes to figuring out the right model & marketing strategies for your own coaching business.

Maybe you're a digital course junkie with an inbox stuffed full of expired access info emails.

Perhaps you feel a rising panic when you think about how much you've already invested in your business, yet you still they don't feel like you have a clear path to profit and sustainability. 

Ok... breathe... 

You CAN do this, but you need to STOP doing these things:

1. Stop seeking constant external validation

2. Stop waiting for a sign from the universe that it's your time

3. Stop trying to compete with others

4.  Stop copying to the tinyest detail the way someone else does business

5. Stop worrying you're not 'expert' enough

6. Stop waiting

Take action. Do the scary things. Make decisions. Take risks. There has never been a better time for great coaches to build incredible businesses. Living on YOUR terms is within your grasp...

Listen in to this solo episode for some Monday motivation - you've got this.


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