#071 - Uncomfortable Questions with Melina Cordero

My guest this week is the inspirational Melina Cordero. Melina left the corporate world while her star was in the ascendance - there was a nagging feeling inside her that simply wouldn't go away. She knew she was destined for work more aligned to her values - the pandemic had given her pause for thought... she thought, a lot, then she took action and hasn't stopped taking action since!

Melina sees how different the obligations and demands on leaders are in the post 2020 workplace, and she's about to provide an incredible resource that's going to make navigating the complexities of modern leadership a damned sight easier!

Her project, P20, will answer the questions and provide the support that leaders and business owners today need to be more equitable and inclusive in everything they do.

Listen in to our conversation on Melina's personal journey, and how her approach to DEI and more is different, refreshing, and accessible.

Melina's weekly newsletter, Uncomfortable Questions, is an absolute must-read - she answers the toughest questions leaders face in the post-2020 workplace. Subscribe here:

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