#072 - Robust Money Mindset = Higher Ticket Clients

In this throwback to episode #039 - Fix Your Money Mindset and Attract High Ticket Clients, we're revisiting an incredibly pivotal episode of the Heads Together podcast. Money mindset is the topic that comes up each and every time with new clients I work with. If you know this is something you struggle with, then this episode is for YOU.

It's a deep dive into money mindset. If you truly want 2023 to be the year where everything changes for you and your business, then you need to beat down those money mindset monkeys once and for all.

Some of you who are a few years in to your entrepreneurial journey will be wrestling with why you still have such negative, limiting beliefs when it comes to making [a lot] of money.

It's something people will struggle with constantly until they finally confront the money stories they grew up with that are still informing the way they feel about money (and their ability to earn it) to this day.

To support you, I've created a Money Mindset ebook to accompany this episode which you can download here: