#077 - How Sleep Influences Our Brave, Bold and Bad Choices with Amanda Slinger

In this week's episode, I'm talking to Amanda Slinger from Sleep Spot about how to prioritize our sleep so we can perform in our businesses from a place of rest and renewed energy.

Amanda is a Sleep Education Specialist and Founding Director of three companies in mining, healthcare, and L&D, which she runs simultaneously while raising a family and living between Fremantle and Margaret River in Western Australia.

The key to her success in seemingly 'doing it all' is the know-how to be an efficient sleeper and what to do when sleep doesn't go as planned.

Leading her team at SleepSpot, she has built a visionary, science-based Employee Sleep Programme, which is reshaping the landscape of workplace wellbeing.

Amanda also writes thought-provoking content and delivers presentations and workshops to inspire leaders and their teams to reimagine sleep as a catalyst for boundless possibilities.

Join us for a rich conversation that's going to have you rethinking the way you prioritize sleep from now on.


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