#079 - Lighthouse v Searchlight Marketing - Where Do You Need To Focus?

In today's episode, we're diving deep into a topic that's close to my heart - Marketing for coaches, creatives, and other changemakers.

Every business needs both lighthouse marketing and searchlight marketing. These two approaches are like the yin and yang of the marketing world.

Imagine your brand as a lighthouse, shining brightly across the vast sea of potential clients and customers. This is what I call Lighthouse Marketing. It's the visibility content – the podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, and social media profiles that put you out there for the world to see. It's about casting a wide net and letting your light shine far and wide to attract your ideal clients.

Searchlight Marketing - think of this as a powerful searchlight that you actively use to scan the horizon, looking for potential clients, collaborators, and referral partners. Searchlight marketing is about actively seeking and building relationships one conversation at a time. It's about making connections, nurturing them, and showing that you genuinely care about your ideal clients' needs and aspirations.

You need both the lighthouse and the flashlight in your marketing toolkit. The lighthouse casts a wide net, establishing your authority, while the searchlight builds those deep, personal connections that turn admirers into loyal fans and clients.

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