#081 - Tap In To The Magic Of Your Business with Debra Driscoll

I'm joined this week by the fantastic Debra Driscoll, who invites us all to be 'magic-curious'. I finally dared to ask Deb what Magic actually is - what she told me made SO MUCH SENSE. We ARE the magic - magic isn't something that happens to us - some ethereal thing that only the lucky can tap into. We can all create magic. It's a choice.

This is a different topic from those we normally talk about on the podcast, but trust me, Deb is incredibly grounded, a successful business owner, and a voice of reason for the spiritually curious.

We cover Deb's realization that in her business she wasn't playing the game she wanted to win. She began to form a relationship with her business as if it were its own entity. An entity to listen to, with its own wants & needs.

If you're open to exploring how magic can transform your business (and your life), this episode is for you.

About Debra

Debra Driscoll is an Author, Spiritual Teacher, Energy Guide, and the founder of BIG LIFE MAGIC

Debra's work in spiritual development and healing practices spans over twenty-five years. She takes great delight in activating magic in others. The foundation of her work is HEART REPAIR, stitching together the threads of your ENERGETIC HEART and its relationship to your SOUL. Using intuitive guidance, spiritual practice, and storytelling Debra helps people tap into their magic so they can heal, transform, and expand. She invites people into their own Big Life MAGIC.

Debra is the author of A Series of Surrender ~ A Memoir of Grief. In 2023, Debra is crafting her first oracle deck, Surrendering to Magic.

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