#083 - Substack - Keeping Culture Alive with Farrah Storr

Oh, are you in for a treat this week?! I'm joined by the blooming fantastic Farrah Storr - ex-editor-in-chief of Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Women's Health magazines and current Head of Partnerships at Substack in the UK (I'm borderline obsessed with Farrah's own substack: Things Worth Knowing).

In this episode, Farrah candidly shares her story of moving from the sadly withering world of glossy magazines to the cutting-edge platform created by writers, for writers, Substack. Created to keep culture alive as the world leaves ink on paper behind,

We discuss how refreshing it is to be on a toxic-free online platform, and how Substack is a platform for 'serious' writers, hobby writers, and, increasingly, entrepreneurs who can use it as their personal media hub.

You're going to LOVE this conversation - Farrah breaks down so clearly for us, the intention behind Substack and the best way to get the most from (and contribute the most to) this creative space that's ripe for exploring.

About Farrah:

Farrah Storr is the Head of Writer Partnerships for Substack in the UK. Prior to this Farrah was the award-winning editor-in-chief of ELLE, Cosmopolitan, and Women's Health magazines. She also writes the best-selling substack Things Worth Knowing.

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