#084 - How I Prepared For 10 Days Away From My Business

I'm about to co-host our Unapologetic Retreat in the beautiful Algarve of Portugal, and I'll be off the grid, so to speak, for a good ten days. Stepping away from our businesses, especially when you're as attached to it as I am, isn't a walk in the park. It takes meticulous planning and a mindset shift.

We aren't meant to be perpetually chained to our desks, our emails, or our businesses. Taking deliberate time off - whether that's for a work trip or a holiday, is essential - it allows us to return with renewed energy and fresh perspectives.

For this retreat, it's absolutely essential for me to be fully present with our guests, and that requires me to leave home feeling calm, in control, and completely ready to immerse myself in the experience.

So listen in for my practical tips on HOW to prepare and the mindset shifts that will help you.

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