#102 - Everyone Deserves To Be The Best Version Of Themselves with Rosalie Millard-Evans

I am joined today by the remarkable Rosalie Millard-Evans on another captivating episode of Heads Together. We delve into the profound insights to be gained from working with horses within leadership coaching.

We kick things off by diving into Rosalie's background, shaped by a family of change makers. From her mother's tireless commitment to service and lifelong learning to her father's entrepreneurial spirit and her grandfather's pivotal role in shaping the NHS, Rosalie's upbringing instilled in her a deep sense of purpose and a drive to make meaningful change.

Despite facing early challenges with dyslexia, Rosalie found strength in adversity. She shares how dyslexia, far from being a barrier, became a source of resilience and creativity, shaping her into a formidable problem solver and entrepreneur.

Our conversation then takes a fascinating turn as we explore the world of equine-assisted leadership. Drawing from her background in psychology and organizational development, Rosalie explains how working with horses provides a unique lens through which to explore leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence.

We discuss the remarkable sensitivity and intuition of horses, who serve as powerful mirrors, reflecting our inner states and providing instant feedback on our leadership styles. Rosalie shares anecdotes and insights into how horses respond to human energy, highlighting the importance of authenticity and connection in leadership.

Throughout our conversation, Rosalie emphasises the transformative potential of facing our fears and embracing vulnerability, both in our interactions with horses and in our leadership journey. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out on your path to success, this episode offers invaluable lessons in self-awareness, resilience, and the power of connection.

Join us as we uncover the magic of equine-assisted leadership and discover how harnessing the wisdom of horses can unlock your full potential as a leader.

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