#104 - The 3 Primal Prisons of the Mind with Dr Kim Wilson

I’m thrilled to be joined this week by Dr Kim Wilson, a medical doctor with many years of experience and a highly trained and an incredibly successful Deep Transformational Coach. Dr Kim helps people to really understand their own mind and then redesign the inner workings of their mind enabling them to profoundly let go of limiting beliefs and programs that have often plagued them for many years - such as fears/ anxieties, imposter syndrome, procrastination, people pleasing, stress, triggers, overwhelm and more.

This enables anyone she works with to experience a profound and persistent sense of inner peace, calm, confidence, clarity, intuition and ability and the downstream effects of this on their relationships, career and physical health are incredible.

Her work is truely life changing and she has worked with high level professional athletes and business leaders as well as an array of Individuals looking to finally understand and free their own mind and live their best life.

We kick things off by delving into Kim's background as a doctor and how her experiences in the medical field are sparking her passion for deep transformational coaching. From witnessing the vulnerabilities of her patients to navigating the pressures of modern healthcare, Kim shares the pivotal moments that are leading her to reevaluate her approach to healing.

Through her holistic approach to coaching, Kim helps clients dissolve these limiting beliefs and step into their true power. Kim sheds light on the importance of treating individuals as unique beings and addressing the root causes of their struggles rather than just the symptoms. She opens up about her own journey of burnout and self-discovery, highlighting the transformative power of mindset work and deep coaching.

To find out more about Dr Kim Wilson: 

Instagram: drkimwilson_coaching