RISE Together

The intimate mastermind for coaches and other changemakers that delivers the support you need to create the impact you're destined for.



It's Time To Be Heard


As transformational coaches,  who are outstanding at 'our thing', the frustration of not being where we want to be in our business is real.

When your revenue isn't commensurate with your reputation, and you're lacking the clarity and accountability to bring your wildest vision to life, it can be tough to believe you'll ever step into who you truly are and have the impact you're destined to have. 

"Our Wildest Visions Are Never Quiet"



Let's RISE Together...


The RISE Together mastermind is a very special, immersive 3-month experience.

Limited to a carefully curated group of just 8 women (at most) you'll come together to receive high-level business coaching, develop radical self-confidence, and increase your visibility.

Together, we'll cultivate the resilience, perseverance, and decision-making prowess we need to amplify our message and boldly present our high-ticket offers to the world by standing up and standing out. 

RISE Together will empower you to overcome your own limitations and achieve your wildest lifestyle, reputational and financial goals.



I'M Gill.


I sometimes describe myself as a coach, sometimes a writer, sometimes a mentor, and sometimes a growth strategist. The truth is, I'm a business owner like you with a wild vision to empower women around the world to step into their greatness.

RISE Together is the culmination of everything I've learned about launching, growing and scaling a highly profitable coaching business.

But more than that, it's my way of helping inspirational women build the RIGHT business...

> aligned with their values and purpose

> serving the people their destiny is to serve

> making an abundance of money to give them the life they desire and a business that's sustainable for the long haul. 

I'm the host of the Heads Together podcast - entrepreneurial real talk for transformational coaches

I'm also a prolific writer, speaker, and advocate for strong women doing it their way.

"Gill has changed my life... she's my cheerleader, driver and accountability partner all rolled into one. Beyond that, she’s a genuinely wonderful human being that is a delight to work with. "

Lauren Jones

"Gill is an out-of-the-box thinker and creator. Rather than relying on generic strategies, Gill’s genius is devising solutions based on each client’s unique gifts, goals, and passions"

Nancy Paul

"Gill's genuine nature, compassion, higher insights, intuition, and business instincts elevated my business to thrive. Gill has a rare gift and I highly recommend working with her to maintain clarity and focus so you can accomplish the personal, professional, and financial results you desire."

Miranda Webb

"Gill has been invaluable. She has helped me reinvigorate all aspects of my business approach to realize a next-level offer. Her support has been a confidence booster to take a non-formulaic approach to marketing and to get my message out there in new and innovative ways."

Tamsin Jardinier

Is RISE Together Right For You?


Not everyone is ready for a mastermind. But for those who are, nothing else comes close to delivering the confidence, clarity, and grit needed to become a thought leader in the space where you belong.

RISE Together is for you if you know deep down that on some level you're still playing small.

It's for you if you're beyond ready for your revenue to match your reputation.

This is for you if you need, at a soul level, to get your message out there to those who need to hear it.



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Nuts and Bolts...

The beauty of an intimate mastermind is that we can be flexible and work on the areas that each of us needs to move forward. There is space for each person to receive the coaching and support they need around the exact things that are holding them back.

That said, the areas I see as beneficial to everyone are set out below...


How to choose yourself for success and cultivate the courage to bring the full-fat version of your business to life. Forget settling - this is where we rise together - all the way.


You'll explore your values in more depth than ever before - and make them mean something to your people. Your brand needs to truly articulate who you are, what you stand for, and why that matters. 


You'll get crystal clear on who your perfect clients are (and where to find them). You'll finally craft the exact offers they want and need. High ticket offers that take your business (and their lives) to a new level. 


We all have different goals when it comes to visibility - we'll explore what it means to you, what you REALLY want to achieve, and exactly how you'll do that.


I promise you, what you'll learn about visibility and marketing inside this mastermind will transform the way you feel about growing your business.  Together we'll cut through the noise and create a consistent, sustainable way to get your message across in a way that finally feels right FOR YOU.


Simplicity and support are our goals here. You'll learn how to put yourself back in control of how your business operates. You know those slick opt in forms / client onboarding processes / email sequences that you envy in other people's businesses? Oh you'll have those. It's happening.


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Be Heard. Be Her.