Connection vs Consistency (Would you rather...)

marketing Jan 26, 2022
boxing ring for fight between connection vs consistency

Would you rather… I LOVE these - my favourite being: Would you rather be a piano virtuoso but only during a full moon OR five times in your life be able to summon Al Pacino to help you with stuff?

Anywaaaaaay, I have a point…

Would you rather post consistently on social media and see your follower numbers increase daily OR post when you have something impactful to share and make a handful of real connections that become paying clients?


Of course, it’s not as black and white as that...


For me, the sweet spot is in the middle. I have no interest in the number of followers I have, or the number of comments or likes a post gets. I care about the people who reach out to me for help after we’ve built a genuine, reciprocal, cheerleading, inter-supportive relationship online. 

Sometimes that happens right away - I’ll post something that speaks to them so directly that they’ll message me straight away to find out more or to carry on the conversation offline.

Sometimes it happens a year later, after we’ve been investing in our online relationship together. After I’ve checked in on them a few times to see how things are going. After they’ve read my emails / articles / blog posts and have got to really understand what I’m all about. My style of coaching and consulting. My obsession with authenticity. My commitment to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses THEIR way.


Authentic Marketing is as Easy as ABC


I used to talk to my clients all the time about the ABC of marketing: Authenticity | Bravery | Consistency - thankfully I haven’t had to sacrifice my slick ‘ABC’, but now it’s

Authenticity | Bravery | Connection

Try running everything you put out into the cybersphere through the ABC filter:

  1. Is this authentic? Is it what I really think / believe to be true? Am I using my own voice? Is this true to my values?
  2. Is this brave? Am I holding back for fear of judgement? Am I compromising my integrity because I’m scared to say what I really think?
  3. Is this really going to connect with my audience? Is the language conversational? Have I included words that I know they would use / relate to? Is there anyone I need to tag personally? How will I follow up with anyone who engages… what real connections can I make?


So, if it’s all about connection, why does everyone talk about consistency?


Well, if you have the bandwidth to produce quality, impactful content 7 days a week, then hello Seth Godin, I can’t believe you’re reading my blog post…

Seriously, consistency is about finding a flow, a pattern that works for you that you can SUSTAIN.

I would hate my followers to think I’d dropped off the face of the earth so I make sure I’m connecting weekly in some way. Often it’s a blog post, an email and a couple of social media posts.

Sometimes it’s a live video if I’m in the mood.

Sometimes it’s just a selfie on Instagram.

Great consistency does not have to mean high frequency.  It means showing up as your followers have come to expect you to show up. Showing up in the way they love you to show up. Showing up in a way that impacts them and invites them to become paying clients (quick reminder: that’s why we market our businesses).


In Summary:


In praise of the AND: Marketing is as simple as ABC AND C.

Connection: making your ideal clients feel like you’re speaking directly to them, about the very thing they need help with, in the language they understand.

Consistency: showing up for your ideal clients in a way that’s sustainable for you in the long term.


Who Wins?


The results are in:  In the boxing ring inside my brain, Connection beat Consistency at the end of the fight on points. There was no knock out.


I’m not saying that consistency doesn’t matter.

I AM saying that, for me, connection matters more.


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