The Antedote To Entrepreneurial Loneliness

values Oct 06, 2021
entrepreneurial loneliness - woman looking frustrated

Life as an entrepreneur in 2021 can be pretty lonely. We don't have anyone to chat to around the water cooler, and if we try to talk shop to our families and (most) friends they look at us as though we're speaking a different language. Which, of course, we are...

We talk about 'ideal customer avatars', 'social proof', 'personal branding', 'engagement', 'click through rates'... oh and the one even WE don't understand... 'complex funnels'...

No wonder the eyes of our nearest and dearest cloud over when we excitedly try to share our latest wins with them!

Of course we have our 'friends' on social media. I'm using the word 'friend' very loosely here. The truth is, the connections we make on social media platforms can leave us feeling pretty hollow, unsatisfied, and often a bit used. The problem is the whole Like ~ Follow ~ Share dance has become a little frenzied.

Maybe you go on wild 'liking' sprees then feel spurned when your 'like' isn't reciprocated...

Perhaps you follow people you consider to be your 'target clients' then unfollow them a while later if they haven't followed you back...

You're tempted to share content you haven't even read in the vain attempt to seduce the author into sharing something you've written...

No wonder we're all feeling a bit jaded by this disingenuous merry-go-round.

It's the main reason I'm breathing life into The Founders Society as I write this. I want to surround myself with women I can relate to and learn from.  


I'm Fed Up...


I'm so fed up with superficial conversations with people who simply can't relate to my life as an entrepreneur. I'm craving deeper relationships with other women like me. I want to mix with women who have a wider agenda than just 'landing' me as a client.

I want to build supportive, generous business relationships built on a solid foundation of trust.

I want to calloborate with other entrepreneurs in the knowledge that we could create something amazing together that we couldn't have achieved alone.  


The Antedote to Entrepreneurial Loneliness  


Networking and collaboration will be at the heart of The Founders Society. I want our community to be the antedote to entrepreneurial loneliness. The place where successful business owners congregate to share their knowledge and unearth awesome opportunities for growth.

If you feel the same, then I'd LOVE you to sign up to the wait list for The Founders Society - there'll be no obligation to join when the doors open, but it will mean I'll be keeping you up to date on our progress and sharing some sneak peaks behind the scenes.  

You can sign up HERE  

Cheers to the co-creation of our wildest visions!


The Founders Society is a business academy and networking hub for women around the world taking entrepreneurship by the horns.

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