High Ticket Pricing MUST Equal High Value Service

high ticket clients money mindset Jan 19, 2023
blue crown representing high ticket, high value offer

So, you’ve signed up a new client… cue the confetti and champagne.

It worked - all that content creation, networking, relationship nurturing, and thought leader positioning, worked. You signed up a high-ticket client.

Phew, job done. Back out on the hunt for the next one then…


When your prospective clients get more of your attention than your actual clients, there’s something very wrong.


We invest so much time and money in our marketing with the primary goal of enrolling our perfect clients, then when we do, we see that as the summit. The box is ticked. The clock resets.

Our attention reverts back to our marketing, our eyes scanning the landscape for that next ‘ideal client’.

I urge you to stop and ponder this. Signing up a new client is the BEGINNING of the real nurturing work, not the end. 

I see complacency creeping in around serving our clients. When your prospective clients get more of your attention than your actual clients, there’s something very wrong.

From the moment a prospective client utters those fabulous words ‘ok, I’m in’ they should feel like they’ve been elevated in your world. They should feel seen, heard, and loved. Think about how you can make that happen…

Is it emailing to check in on them between scheduled calls?

Is it supporting them on social media, becoming their biggest cheerleader?

Is it sending a physical gift to welcome them as a client?

Is it going above and beyond what you promised them and over-delivering to them in a way they’ve never experienced before?

Think outside the box here - what’s something you could do that they won’t be expecting, but will blow them away and make them feel special?

When it comes to a high-ticket business model I want you to rethink those uber-strict boundaries you’ve been nagged into having in place. Make the price you charge your clients such that you’re happy to have wider boundaries, than you would if you were still selling a low ticket, small margin offer.

If someone has invested significantly to work with you, then the level of service and attention to detail needs to be next-level.


Remember, you can absolutely charge a high-ticket price IF you deliver a high-value service.


Making your clients the number 1 priority in your business is the secret to having a business that allows you to choose who you work with. It allows you to strip back your marketing, to keep it consistent, yet simple, because most of your clients will now be referred to you by the existing clients you’ve been prioritizing and serving at an elevated level.

I know there will be many of you reading this thinking ‘well of course I already do this’. But how many of you are actually charging for your high-ticket offer at a level that allows you to build in a truly exceptional client experience?

Everything here is underpinned by your money mindset. 

A scarcity mindset has you compelled to head back out on the hunt as soon as you’ve signed a new client.

Undervaluing your worth prevents you from charging for the true value you’re capable of delivering to your clients.

Putting in the work on your own money mindset will pay dividends when it comes to creating a high-ticket, high-value offer for those perfect clients.

If this is something you know you need help with, I’ve created a guide to fixing your money mindset, which you can download HERE.

Your clients ARE your reputation... prize and protect them.


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