Why High Ticket Offers Are The Key To Success For You AND Your Clients

business model high ticket clients money mindset Feb 23, 2023
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Firstly, let’s look at WHAT a high ticket offer is, and WHY you might want to create one…

There’s really no widely accepted benchmark for what a high-ticket offer is, so I’m going to share with you the criteria that I believe make an offer high-ticket, and it’s not JUST the price.


Here's my take on it...


  • The cost is more than £1,000/$1,000
  • There is an element of EITHER high-touch support OR done-for-you service
  • The offer is high-value in terms of the service/transformation it provides

Again, this is just my definition - you get to decide on yours.


So why do I believe high-ticket offers are the secret to success for purpose-led business owners?


Well, first off (the pretty damn obvious one) you don’t need to sell as many high-ticket offers as you do low-ticket, to hit your revenue goals.

I believe the biggest transformations happen when your clients invest in themselves. They have skin in the game. The decision to work with you has been carefully evaluated & considered - They’ve likely done some mindset work already to be in a position to invest and are therefore primed to get the best results.

High-ticket clients show up and play their part in getting the results they desire.


Think about it...


Let’s say you’re a life coach who specializes in supporting women who are going through a divorce. Who do you think will get the results they want… the woman who spends $27 on a ‘How To Survive Divorce’ recorded mini-course, or the woman who invests $2,700 into a group program that offers a community of women with shared experiences, high-level small group coaching where each woman feels seen and heard, plus the option to add on some 1:1 coaching or to attend an in-person meet-up, or life-changing retreat at the end of the group experience.

Which of those women do you think will have the most transformational results?

No-brainer right?


So what's the barrier?


So if you can make more money AND deliver better results, why would anyone NOT focus on a high ticket offer?

Because they don’t believe it will sell.

Because they project their own scarcity mindset onto their prospective clients and in doing so, stop themselves from REALLY helping the people who need them.

If this resonates, then I’d love you to take action right now...


Do these 2 things:


1. Download my FREE ebook - Fix Your Money Mindset HERE

2. Listen to Episode 45 of the Heads Together podcast where I talk about how when it comes to selling high-ticket offers, we’re not in the business of convincing or persuading anyone to work with us.

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