It's OK for Money to be your Why...

goals values Dec 17, 2020
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Money mindset... urgh it's a toughie... so many of the coaches I've worked with over the years have a really 'tough to shake off' feeling of guilt about wanting to earn a LOT of money.  Their money mindset is the one thing they constantly struggle with. We hear it ALL The time: 'You will never be successful if you focus on the money' or 'Your Why can't be about making money, it needs to be more purpose based'.

I'm calling BS.

The truth is you will never be a successful coach, impacting the lives of hundreds (or thousands) of people UNLESS you focus on the money. Unless you master your money mindset and open up to what you really want.,

If you coach people for free or charge less than your worth, two things happen:

  1. You don't show up with that nervous edge of genius, knowing your client has paid a premium price to work with you so you need to deliver an incredible transformation to them.
  2. Your client doesn't show up bringing their A game. They haven't invested in you so they feel no obligation to extract from you every last morsel of value. SO they don't get the transformation you promised them.

The result? You're burned out from giving so much in return for so little. You lose faith in your ability to deliver the transformational coaching you spent so long mastering. Your referrals dry up, because no results = no clients.

On the flip side, imagine making ‘earning a TON of money’ your WHY

Your motivation for springing out of bed in the morning is watching your bank balance grow. Overtaking any income you’ve ever dared to set as a goal in the past.

As your money mindset strengthens, you can start charging premium prices and right away you can work with fewer clients, on a far deeper level and watch them bask in the results you promised them.

You have money to invest back into your business, to sharpen your marketing (getting you MORE of those high ticket clients).

You have money to invest in growing your team, surrounding yourself with amazing women who are supporting the growth of your business (freeing up YOUR time for concentrating on those high ticket clients)

You have money to donate to causes close to your heart, to nurture an abundance of generosity that makes you feel GOOD.

You have money to support the lifestyle that makes you happy. Yes, it's OK for money to make you happy.

It's ok to want a beautiful home.

It's ok to want an amazing car.

It's ok to want luxury holidays (soon, please soon...)

You don't need to be rich to be happy. That's 100% true. But I've been poor & happy and I've been rich & happy and I know which I prefer.

Having an abundance of money allows you to be the BEST coach you can be. 

When your reason for doing what you do is to earn lots of money, it’s never really that superficial.

It’s not like you want to hole up in your basement alone counting your gold while laughing maniacally!

If you’re like me, you LOVE what you do and you want to make a ton of money doing it so you can be the BEST version of yourself in every aspect of your life.

The best coach. The best mentor. The best wife. The best mother. The best friend. 

So, who’s willing to put their stake in the ground & declare their desire to make a LOT of money in 2021? 

Write down the number. The amount you want to see as the balance in your bank account on 31st December 2021. Take that money mindset!

Then stick it somewhere where you’ll see it every day. That number represents your Why… it represents the lives of others transformed by you coming from a place of limitless abundance.

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