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rewild your inbox Sep 09, 2022
rewlding in an outside bath



I went to (well, Zoomed to) a talk organised by The DO Book Club last week, featuring Libby DeLana and Maggie Doyne.

Libby wrote Do Walk in which she shares the transformative power of a simple walk. By repeating her morning walk every single day, she's now walked the equivalent of the earth's circumference.

For Libby, walking gives her the time and space to reconnect with the world, to process thoughts and unlock creativity. This is a short book with a huge message. (Before you ask, I'm working on the circumference of my garden at the moment)

Maggie Doyne's intimite memoire, Between the Mountain and the Sky, shares her story of how she founded a children's home in Nepal, aged just 19... yep... 19!

Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild, describes her as 'a heart warrior of the first order'.

These women are shining, no, blinding, examples of the power love and hope have in creating change.




Armchair Explorer with Aaron Millar is a fim favourite podcast of mine, and episode 51 might just be my favourite ever episode!

Outlandish: Walking into Europe's Hidden Landscapes with Acclaimed Travel Writer Nick Hunt

I couldn't multi task while I listened to this episode - I had to fully focus on Nick's incredible storytelling.

Warning: Likely to ignite wanderlust in the laziest of homebodies...




As part of my commitment to invite more adventure into my life, I'm attending my first event organised by the Yes Tribe this weekend - camping in the Yes Woods.

So last night I put my tent up in my sitting room to make sure I can still do it!

Yep... I can - winning at life.

[Please note: if there's no newsletter next week, it will mean I've been eaten by badgers...]




A final treat - I wonder if you'll find this short documentary as moving as I do. I can honestly watch this over and over!  



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