#087 - To Be Successful On ANY Marketing Platform We Need To Ditch The Entitlement Mindset

This week on the Heads Together podcast, I'm debunking the entitlement mindset surrounding social media and sharing insights on how successful businesses navigate various platforms.

Angry at the algorithm? Not seeing the results you expected from your social media efforts? Listen in as I address these frustrations head-on.

The entitlement mindset shows up like this:

'The algorithm doesn't show my posts to anyone'

'There's no point in using Instagram unless you want to do video'

'My Facebook feed is full of rubbish'

Time for a paradigm shift: Social media platforms don't exist to make us rich. They exist to make their shareholders rich... and that's their prerogative.

We need to remember that social media is primarily for relationship building (that's how they keep our eyes on the platforms to satisfy their paying advertisers). The (free) advertising opportunities for us are a perk.

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