#099 - Why You Need A Signature High Ticket Offer

This week Gill discusses the importance of having a high ticket offer as a coach or consultant.  She addresses common obstacles to high ticket offers and offers practical steps for creating,marketing & selling them. She also shares resources for pricing and mindset, and encourages listeners to build a full offer suite that serves their clients at different levels.

The episode concludes with a teaser for the upcoming 100th episode celebration.


Having a high ticket offer is important for coaches and consultants to increase revenue and create more time freedom.
Working one-to-one with clients can lead to deep transformation and generate valuable testimonials.
Positioning and selling lower priced offers is easier when you have a high ticket offer at the top of your offer pyramid.
Creating unique and valuable offers that resonate with your ideal clients is crucial for success.

00:00 The Importance of High Ticket Offers
03:05 Scalability of One-to-One Client Work
04:09 Benefits of Starting with a High Ticket Offer
06:05 Creating Unique and Valuable Offers
07:57 Transformational Results from One-to-One Work
09:09 Positioning and Selling Lower Priced Offers
12:29 Transparency and Limited Options
13:07 Client Intel and Messaging Improvements
15:16 Overcoming Obstacles to High Ticket Offers
16:19 Practical Steps to Create a High Ticket Offer
18:46 Resources for Pricing and Mindset
19:15 Building a Full Offer Suite
19:45 Upcoming 100th Episode Celebration

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